About the Campaign

Campaign 5000 is a multi-disciplinary effort to raise awareness and spark widespread discussion concerning the importance of toxic succession planning for businesses, trusts and estates. Spearheaded initially by a handful of professionals intimately connected with the issue, Campaign 5000 strives to rectify the lack of information and mindfulness on the topic of toxic succession by partnering with as many accountants, lawyers, trusts, wealth managers, and succession planning professionals as possible. The Campaign 5000 outreach seeks to ensure that identifying and addressing potential site contamination issues becomes a regular part of every thoughtful estate or business succession planning effort.



Kevin Daehnke
Senior Partner
Daehnke Cruz Law Group
Newport Beach, California

Kevin Daehnke is an environmental law attorney, specializing for more than thirty years in issues relating to the contamination of soil and groundwater resulting from business operations. Mr. Daehnke is credited with creating and securing passage of legislation which established the Bona Fide Ground Tenant tool for dealing with contaminated “Brownfield” sites. He is also known for spearheading the Campaign 5000 effort to educate legal, accounting and financial professionals on the need for up front toxic succession planning during the business and estate succession process. Mr. Daehnke has been appointed to serve on the executive committees of numerous legal, professional and trade association panels and committees, is a regular author for legal and environmental trade publications, has testified on Brownfields legislation before the Assembly Toxics Committee, and has given numerous speeches and presentations at legal and trade association panels and conferences. Mr. Daehnke is a founding partner of Daehnke Cruz Law Goup.


Marshal Oldman
Senior Partner
Oldman, Cooley, Sallus, Birnberg, and Coleman
Encino, California

Marshal Oldman has practiced in the Trusts, Estates and Probate arena for four decades, establishing himself as one of the preeminent experts in the field. He has served as Chair of the Trusts and Estates sections of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the California State Bar Association. He has helped draft legislation relating to probate, trusts and estate planning issues, and has testified on probate legislation before the Assembly Judiciary Committee. He is the author of numerous articles for various Bar journals, has given numerous speeches before the L.A. County Bar Probate Section and other organizations, and has served as an expert witness in probate, attorney fee, legal malpractice and federal estate tax matters. Mr. Oldman served as President of the State Board of Accountancy from 2011-2012. Mr. Oldman is a founding partner of Oldman, Cooley, Sallus, Birnberg and Coleman.


Campaign Endorsements


“As a senior environmental risk underwriter and environmental broker, I am one hundred percent (100%) behind the Toxic Succession education and outreach efforts being undertaken by Campaign 5000. In my area of expertise, I encounter numerous situations where inadequate up front post-death toxic succession planning leads to serious consequences for heirs, beneficiaries (including charitable organizations) and successor business owners. I am also particularly aware of the serious consequences these contamination issues can produce for trustees and other fiduciaries, who may be left “holding the bag” for contamination issues if they are not properly protected.”

Canaan Crouch
Former Vice President, SullivanCurtisMonroe
Assistant Vice President and Northwestern Regional Manager, ACE Environmental
Senior Environmental Underwriter, AIG


“As an environmental consultant, I have seen numerous situations over the years where the failure to plan for the passing of contaminated real property has resulted in horrific problems for the beneficiaries of a trust or estate. I wholly support this Campaign 5000 effort to inform financial and legal professionals of this issue so they can flag potential contamination issues and have them addressed during the succession planning process.”

Leo Rebele
Division Manager, Tetra Tech Engineering Company